On Hold

Rokaya Sabbah | 52 min.

Lady Kul el-Arab

Ibtisam Mara'ana | 56 min.

There Must Be Another Way

Yariv Mozer | 68 min.

Highest Rated Films

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  • Eran Paz
    Yura (Jeremiah), his wife, and two children live in the Shapira neighborhood in the southern part of Tel Aviv. They live among junkies, prostitutes and alcoholics; a different image than the one...
  • Natalie Haziza
    Lullaby, a 50 min documentary by Natalie Haziza, tells the story of her two mothers, one of them Jewish South-African and the other her African nursemaid. Rebecca worked for 10 years as Natalie`...
  • Alex Bakri
    Two young Arab men strung into the frustrating reality of the impoverished Jaffa, go onto a prolonged journey for a very basic need - the essential yearning for nothing but a cigarette.
    Starring: Ziad Bakri
  • Chanoch Ze'evi
    Nadia's Friends is a documentary which follows filmmaker Chanoch Ze'evi as he travels through Israel exploring how Zionism has evolved since he was a child. Ze'evi attended elementary school in the...
  • Maha Assal
    An old man, a young man, and an orange tree Two neighbours, a garden, and no words exchanged What happens when interests clash and lines are crossed? A sweet story of friendship and neighbors. A man...
  • Yariv Mozer
    2009 Israel's representative at The Eurovision Song Contest is NOA and Mira Awad , Noa is considered the famous Israeli singer in the world today! After performing in front of the pope, she has no...
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